January 02, 2007

LUN Day 1

The Jewish Robot relaxes with a copy of PresenTense Magazine at Newark International Airport

I finally managed to find an Ethernet port in the hotel we are staying at in K'far Giladi, so here's the first set of photos from the Leading Up North trip. The first day is still a blur to me, having lasted over 24 hours with no sleep. We arrived at Newark International Airport at 9:30am on December 26, and landed at Ben Gurion Airport at 7am the next day. Approximately 300 passengers, consisting of members of ROI120, Kivun, and Hillel students were ushered into buses and driven up north to K'far Giladi, where we attended orientation meetings. I'll go into more description in further blog posts, but for now I'm posting photos for my fellow LUN participants' enjoyment.

Aaron "Urban Eskimo" Small sleeps soundly knowing he is near PresenTense's Ariel Beery

Less sun than my last visit to Israel in the summer

Aryeh of TwentyFourSix.com enjoys being pelted in a cool Israeli hailstorm

Music festival at the Crusader Castle in Kibbutz Yechiam

Dancing on zero hours of sleep and over 24 hours of wake


Anonymous said...

HAHA! That top pic is a riot. Hope Ariel isn't insulted, Maxim is great :)

Esther Kustanowitz said...

I believe Mr. Beery set up that photo and in fact may aspire to Maxim quality--at least in terms of design.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Throw in a couple of semi-naked chicks in PresenTense and he'll bump up his readership ;)
(Esther, hope you are having a blast!!)

Anonymous said...

JR I'm glad that you're running amok in Israel and not wasting your youth working. And I'll buy a copy of Jewy magazine when Shansta goes topless for the centerfold.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my goodies aren't for sale.

Kosher London said...

that is a fabulous picture!! haha :D