January 08, 2007

Carnies in Training

Nothing sadder than an unshaven Jewish Robot clown

After cutting down some charred conifers on our second to last day Up North, our ROI/Kivun/Charlie LUN group were taken to an elementary school where we were met by a team of professional clowns (really, they were quite serious) who trained us in the art of street performance so we could participate in the Festival B'Shekel concert. We were divided into groups of stilt-walkers and jugglers (see Aryeh's amazing juggling video, pictured left), street mimes, drummers, costume designers, and set designers. I took to the stilts like a short jew in the ultimate platform shoes, but after considering the likelihood of rambunctions Israeli kids trying to knock me down to their level, I went with the clowning.

Michelle in the can (photo by Esther K.)

Beery appears to be using a small child's head as a drum (another photo from Esther K.)

After a day of carnival training, we went to dinner for a round of rousing, self-congratulatory speeches. We left full of food, beer, and ourselves.

Jewster webmaster Aryeh demonstrates how the bottom feeders feed ... and I'm not talking about his prolific j-cybersquatting


Esther Kustanowitz said...

You're doing a great job with these posts, 'bot. Much better than I'm doing with text or photo posts. But I am glad you're using my photos, makes me feel like I'm a part of the reportage.

Made me laugh in your comment about the picture of Beery using a child's head as a drum...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that pic of Ariel is pretty funny!
Esther, how come I don't see you in any of the pics?