January 07, 2007

Last Call for Paint-a-Wall

Kivun participant Joelle's ladybugs say "Follow me" to my tempted turtle

Sunday December 31 was our third and last day for painting bomb shelters. Here are some of my team's creations.

LUN organizer Gabby's cute caterpillar represents the metamorphosis of these bomb shelters, transforming drab larva-like dungeons into beautiful butterfly-like bungalows. Or moth-like.

Team member Sam Chester suggested we try a Super Mario World theme. No one else stuck to the plan, including Sam, but I figured it would be cool to portray a Super Mario-esque brick portal into another dimension. The peeking frog was an afterthought.

It's my brick ... house

The purple door on the left slides over the brick painting to reveal the bathroom, so hopefully it will be a fun surprise during the next deadly attack on the city.

The quick brown fox surrounded by lazy, hungry dogs

Photos from New Year's Eve 2007 at K'far Giladi coming soon ...


Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like anyone will be getting pregnant on this trip.

Shabot 6000 said...

Not true, anon, I gave birth to a sweet shabbos bread baby!