January 22, 2007


PresenTense Israel and the Diaspora Salon participants (and non-participants) ck, Mystery Girl, Lindsay, Aryeh G, Laya M, Esther K, Josh Frankel, and me

You may have noticed a missing comic strip and lack of blog posts in the last few days. That's because I'm finally back in Brooklyn, and after three weeks abroad, I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. Aside from taking a lot of photographs and fond memories back with me, I also brought along something else: a fantastic case of TD. I'm not sure when I contracted the bug, or which microorganism is suddenly making life in the bathroom such a colorful experience, but after a feverish 12-hour ride home and six days in the can, it became serious enough to visit the doctor, who, after providing a very thorough examination, has put me on two powerful antibiotics. They seem to be doing the job, as I am able to type this post in one sitting.

During my last few days in Jerusalem, I had the pleasure of attending a PresenTense Magazine salon about Israel and the Diaspora. Believe it or not, we finally came up with definitive, absolute answers to all the big questions, such as "Who is a Jew?", and "What is the Diaspora's role concerning Israel?" But the fellow who took all the notes for the discussion got drunk on pomegranate wine, stumbled into the Christian Quarter of the Old City, and was never to be seen again.

Speaking of the Old City, I also got a wonderful tour of the Muslim Quarter by my knowledgable friend, Aharaon Horwitz, who knew all the nooks and crannies of that daunting neighborhood.

Aharon, my guy did tour

On my last night in Jerusalem Aryeh and I met up with notorious Mobius for dinner. I had the Jerusalem Mix, which, after having been introduced to Jerusalem life, may have been the point when Jersualem life was literally introduced into me.

Jewish Robot, Mobius, and Aryeh in Jerusalem

Israel was the trip of my life, but I'm happy to be back, and looking forward to getting back into business and making this the Year of the Cartoon.

Coming soon, cartoons!

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Esther Kustanowitz said...

Dude, I saw that picture of the Jerusalem mix. And now I think I know where your Diasporrhea came from.

And I believe that Mystery Girl is Laura, also known as JLifer on OyBay, the bay area Jblog.