December 19, 2009

92YTribeca Havdalah Heroes

On a cold and snowy December 19, 2009, I presented a rough cut of "What Makes a Hero", a short promotional video I produced for the UJC's Jewish Community Heroes award, for the Havdalah with PresenTense event at 92YTribeca.

After we sink into the relaxing spirit of Havdalah, 92YTribeca rabbinic intern Hayley Siegel and PresenTense contributors Chari Pere and Will Levin will share a wide range of perspectives on Jewish heroism. Then, the floor will be open for the group to have an informal, laid back discussion about the issues and ideas at hand.

You can now watch my video, "What Makes a Hero" online at Vimeo:

November 17, 2009

Bike PSA at Biking Rules Film Festival

A 30-second version of my Bike Safety PSA #01 cartoon was part of the BAMcinématek Biking Rules PSA Festival hosted by Transportation Alternative in Brooklyn, New York, on November 17, 2009. While I did not win the grand prize, my cartoon certainly won the audience choice award, based on the volume of applause.

October 09, 2009

JewishRobot on The Jewish Channel

Friend and The Jewish Channel correspondent, Steven I. Weiss, reports on Ahmadinejad's alleged Jewish roots, includes a clip from my "Iran to Israel" promo cartoon for Taglit-Birthright Israel.

September 17, 2009

Kanye cartoon mentioned in MTV Newsroom

My quickie cartoon, "Kanye Interrupts the U.S. Open", was mentioned in the MTV Newsroom article, "'Kanye West Interrupts': The Internet Keeps On Giving" by Kyle Anderson on September 17, 2009:

There are even mad geniuses out there plying fancier forms of craft, like the folks who mashed together Serena Williams' U.S. Open meltdown with the VMA incident.
Read the article here.

September 06, 2009

In the Tehran Bureau

My cartoon "Iran to Israel" was the topic of an article, "From Madman to Ad Man" by Marsha B. Cohen in PBS FRONTLINE's Tehran Bureau, September 6, 2009:

The star of the latest registration campaign, which opens Sept. 8, is none other than Iran's president. Unlike the usual depictions of him in the Israeli and pro-Israel press, Ahmadinejad isn't threatening to wipe Israel off the map in this video clip. On the contrary, what he really wants is a chance to go on a Birthright Israel trip.

Read the article here.

September 05, 2009

Bike PSA in BuBiFeszt Budapest Bicycle Film Festival

My short cartoon Bike Safety PSA #01 was shown in BuBiFeszt, the Budapest Bicycle Film Festival, on September 5, 2009.

From the website, in Hungarian:

3. FILMBLOKK :: Bringás biztonság
Kezdés: 2009-09-05 16:00
Egyperces figyelemfelkeltő rajzfilm a biztonságról, rímekbe szedve. Készítette: William Levin.

5. szombat 16:00 :: kisterem

July 22, 2009

Shabot ShaBOOM!

Support Seda' Club in the FOX-Aniboom Holiday Animation Challenge!

Share the video with your friends, and if you think it deserves a chance, vote for it in September. I'll post a reminder then, too.


July 15, 2009

Jailbreak Interview

Quincy Moore of The Jailbreak, a blog about pop, politics, and counterculture, interviewed me on July 15, 2009.  Here is the intro:

Like all great artists and creative folk, cartoonist William Levin finds his inspiration from a series of ex-girlfriends who spark innovation and then eventually drift away in favor of a more suitable muse.

With each turn of the perpetual partner wheel, Levin learns more about his artistic process and churns out funny, irreverent, and often educational cartoons about Jewish Robots and oft-injured bike riders.

While his target demographic started out as a microcosm of the larger population (mostly Jews), his adaptability and chameleon-like penchant for recognizing trends have promised him a bright future in an animation industry that is still relatively new to the Brooklyn resident.

Levin was gracious enough to sit down with the Jailbreak for a hilarious interview in which he ponders a future in anime, reveals the actual location of Sesame Street, and explains why Futurama was an anomaly.

Read the complete interview here. 

July 14, 2009

Can you tell me how to get to Washington, D.C.?

“Sesame Street” writers Judy Freudberg and William Levin stand with Bert & Ernie in support of public broadcasting

From the WGAE blog:
WGAE Continues Advocacy Efforts For Increased Funding For Public Media

Writers from “ Sesame Street ” and WGAE staff held meetings in Washington D.C. to advocate for increased funding for public broadcasting.

“Sesame Street” Writers Advocate in Washington D.C. for Increased Funding for Public Media

On Thursday, July 23, “ Sesame Street ” writers Judy Freudberg and William Levin, along with “West Wing” and “Without a Trace” writer Allison Abner, accompanied WGA East staff to advocate for increased funding in public media. The members of Congress we met with, including Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY) and Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) both from the House Appropriations Committee, have already allocated a 10% increase in funding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which is great news for our members. Furthermore, they both expressed interest in potentially getting involved in our current contract negotiations with PBS. Overall, this was a very productive endeavor. The Guild looks forward to taking similar trips to D.C. in the near future.

Congresswoman Nita Lowey happens to be a big fan of Sesame Street!

June 18, 2009

Jewish Arabia

It is the year 2020. Yossi and Itamar head to the Palestinian town of Taybeh, to ask its citizens about a future Arab-Jewish State. As a new unified citizenry, the identity of the "other" must be re-established with new scapegoats and enemies, those that everyone can hate together.

via Street Boners and TV Carnage

April 26, 2009

April 13, 2009

Matzah Time

Time has posted an article online, So You Think You Know Matzo?, mentioning the "20 Things To Do With Matzah" video I made with Michelle Citrin. And, this Passover, our video has received over 1,000,000 views on YouTube!

April 04, 2009

Matzah Boy

Meet Billy, son of Simon. Simon edited our "20 Things To Do With Matzah" music video, as well as Rosh Hashanah Girl and Pass The Candle. This is a photo from Simon's blog, of Billy's first Passover party at preschool here in Brooklyn. According to Simon, Billy prefers to strip and eat the chocolate off the matzah, leaving behind the flat, unleavened bread. At least we know what he can do with all that leftover matzah!

See more photos, and help Simon solve the mystery of the frogs.

April 02, 2009

Passover Videos

JTA, one of the sponsors of the Pass The Candle music video I made with Michelle Citrin for Hanukkah, was busy this week with articles and blog posts about Jewish videos for Passover. Author Amy Klein took an in depth look at the reasons behind the Jewish YouTube craze in her article, Let my people post Passover videos, where she interviewed Michelle about our Matzah Song, and followed up with a Top 10 list, 10 YouTube videos for Passover, (which I'm surprised failed to mention my Shabot 6000 "Seda' Club"), placing our "20 Things To Do With Matzah" at the #1 spot. And as a bonus, a JTA blog post, Two more Passover videos, by Ami Eden, gives a shout out to Bitter Herb.

Thanks for all the attention, JTA!

March 30, 2009

Bitter Herb

Meet Bitter Herb, the star of my new Passover cartoon for Taglit-Birthright Israel. His name pretty much says it all -- please try to laugh with this standup comic, not at him.

Starring Meir Taub as Bitter Herb
Illustration, animation and music by me (William Levin)

Share it with your friends!

March 26, 2009

20 Things To Do With Outtakes

This Passover marks the first anniversary of Michelle Citrin's and my video, "20 Things To Do With Matzah". To celebrate, Michelle compiled this blooper reel of our experience while making the video. There are some really funny moments in it, and as well as few embarrassing ones I forgot about. Thanks, Michelle! And thanks, Jesse Epstein, for your camerawork!

Also see the original video, "20 Things To Do With Matzah", edited by Simon Weaver.

Happy Passover!

March 02, 2009

Round Two with David Pogue

Two years ago I worked with New York Times technology columnist David Pogue to produce the animation for his Video Recorder Deathmatch, a battle between TiVo and generic DVR. And last week we followed up with a new epic battle, the Kindle 2 e-Reader vs. ... a Book! The video aired on CNBC last week, and can also be seen on JetBlue flights. You can also watch it on the video website, and download a hi-res version from iTunes.

Concept, script, voiceover and video by David Pogue
Illustration, animation, and sound design by (me)
Edited by Ben Thompson at CNBC.

January 25, 2009

Swearing In, Faithfully

A little cartoon I made to celebrate Barack Obama's inauguration, and the flubbed oath courtesy of Chief Justice John Roberts.

Animation, voices and music by William Levin (me)

January 18, 2009

Yesterday's Robots

Check out A Review of the Best Robots of 2008 and the accompanying videos, including this captivating video of the Nao Robot above. The Jewish Robot was snubbed again, but better luck in 2009.

January 10, 2009


This is a comic I did during the 2006 Lebanon War. It's still relevant, just swap Hezbollah for Hamas.

Join the Protest in favor of Israeli-Palestinian Peace tomorrow, Sunday, January 11, 2009.