March 25, 2010

Matzo Ball Olympics

Now that the Winter Olympics are over, what will you watch?  Try Matzo Ball Olympics, the new short video I produced for Manischewitz, being released just in time for Passover.  Starring friend and filmmaker Zach Timm as Matzo Ball Olympian, Manny Schevitz.

Starring Zach Timm as Manny Schevitz
Camerawork and edited by Ben Donnellon
Special appearance by Daniel Halprin as John McEnroe

Special thanks to Sarah Phillips for matzo ball prop construction and custom Manischewitz tee-shirts!

Golf clubs provided by New York Golf Center

Filmed throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

This is a shorter teaser version of a mini-mockumentary I produced about Manny Schevitz, a beleaguered Matzo Ball Olympian.  I hope I get to share the longer version someday, or the world may never know the story behind the matzo ball.

March 23, 2010

Super viral market

Earlier this year, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a Hamaas official, was assassinated in Dubai, presumably by Mossad agents who had forged British passports to carry out the mission.

Now an ad agency has produced a viral video for a discount supermarket chain, Almost Fre, parodying the surveillance footage recorded at the site of the assassination.

From the Jerusalem Post:
The ad itself will begin airing next week and will show footage of people dressed up as secret agents, wearing the costumes used by the Dubai team, walking around the store and picking out products that are on sale. One is a man wearing a tennis player outfit, another is a man in a business suit wearing a fake mustache and the third is a woman with a wide brimmed hat. Whenever one of the characters picks up an item, a red circle appears around it, parodying the circles picking out the agents in the surveillance videos.
The video is being released just in time for Passover grocery sales!  Looking forward to seeing the commercial.

March 22, 2010

Welcome to the Dollhouse Seder

Check out hip Jewish trendsetter and friend, Sara Schwimmer Marcus of Jewish Wedding Network, and her mom, Helen, in this segment, Modern Jewish Mom Passover Special: Barbie at the Seder Table, from The Jewish Channel.  The clip was released last year, but I'm only discovering it now!  With guidance from this video, I would have had a much better vintage He-Man action figure seder in 2009.  Skeletor was the Angel of Death.

March 19, 2010

Shabbat Unplugged

Reported in the New York Times, Reboot is promoting a campaign to take a break from the constant stream of social media for shabbat this weekend for its first National Day of Unplugging.

From the article, "And on the Sabbath, the iPhones Shall Rest":
Organizers hope the day of unplugging will draw attention to Reboot’s “Sabbath Manifesto”: a set of 10 “core principles” introduced earlier this year to guide tradition-seekers in ways that are meaningful in an information-driven world. Dan Rollman, president and a founder of the Web site Universal Record Database (, which tracks its own set of “world records,” conceived the manifesto at a 2008 Reboot retreat, in part to “reinvent the Jewish ritual and make Judaism a little more modern and contemporary.”
So how about giving it a try?  After you've received this blog update in your RSS feed on your iPhone, turn it off?

ShaBot Shalom!

PreseTense in NYC

PresenTense co-founder Ariel Beery smiles before the conference

Last night I attended the PresenTense in NYC meetup at the Merrill Lynch building, space generously provided by Ben Pinkhasik.  The event was highly attended by ROI alumni, including Alicia "Post-It" Post, rocker Naomi Less, Aryeh "Early Retirement" Goldsmith, filmmakers Liz Nord and Jesse Ash, and bitter rival cartoonist Chari Pere (see photo below).

The event as posted on Facebook:
Do you want to connect to local Jewish innovators?
Surround yourself with new ideas and creativity?
Share your own ideas with the community?

Then get involved with PresenTense in NYC!

On March 18th come learn how you can build and be a part of a local community of creative innovators plugged into PresenTense's global network.

Join us for an an informational gathering with Aharon Horwitz and Ariel Beery, PT's co-directors, who will share the exciting new directions for PresenTense in NYC.

Thursday, March 18th at 8pm
More photos of the event on Facebook

March 18, 2010

The other Jewish Robot seder

Who knew there were other real live Jewish robots celebrating Pesach with their very own Seda' Club?  Thanks for the link, Matzah Girl Michelle!

March 07, 2010

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