April 28, 2007

Macboy Miscellanea

Two weeks ago I had the honor of producing a short cartoon animation for the New York Times under my other animation brand, MACBOY. The podcast, produced for technology columnist David Pogue, was produced on a deadline of just one day. Here is the result, "Video Recorder Deathmatch":

You can read about the process involved with creating the video on Pogue's Posts.

In other news, my personal favorite Macboy cartoon, Dad vs. AOL, was featured on Canadian television show G4techTV (aired last summer, but I just found the episode online recently). My cartoon was introduced by perky host Amber MacArthur, which made me jealous of my own cartoon. Here's the clip from G4techTV.

The Itche Kadoozy Show

For a guy who is supposed to be involved in the cutting edge Jewish entertainment industry, boy do I feel out of the loop on this one. I cannot explain why I am just now finding out about The Itche Kadoozy Show, an educational Jewish themed puppet show created by Dovid Taub and Jonathan Goorvich, hosted on Chabad.org.

Upon looking up candle lighting times for shabbat on the Chabad.org Calendar, I caught a glimpse of a small Itche Kadoozy icon at the bottom of the page. I followed the links until I reached Itche Kadoozy in The Quest for Fish, and watched the latest episode, Chapter 4: Detours, in which the puppets learn about the importance of the Omer.

This is some funny stuff! Ignore the "KIDS" logo at the top of the page, these cartoons are entertaining for adults, too.

April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Motherland and Sister Sandy

Israel turns 59 today. My sister Sandy turns ... well, significantly younger than Israel.

Happy birthday, Israel and Sandy!

April 20, 2007

Dor Chadash Yom Ha'atzmaut in NYC

Berger Boy and I will see you at the Dor Chadash Yom Ha'atzmaut celebration in NYC.

Yom Ha'atzmaut - April 23, 2007

Where: Capitale - 130 Bowery

6:00 Doors Open
6:30 One Hour Open Wine/Vodka Bar; Light Passed Hors D'oeuvres
7:30 Yom HaZikaron/Memorial Ceremony Begins - No Admittance During Ceremony
8:15 Yom Ha'atzmaut Celebration Begins!

Regular Ticket - $30 in advance; 40 at the door
VIP* Ticket: $75 in advance; $100 at the door

April 19, 2007

Will kikes like me in Kike Like Me?

About a year ago I was interviewed by Canadian filmmaker Jamie Kastner of Cave 7 Productions for a documentary in progress with the working title, The Identity Project/ HOW I TOLD THE WORLD I WAS JEWISH, AND FOUND OUT WHAT IT FELT LIKE. Next week, Kastern's film, now more succinctly titled, Kike Like Me, will make its debut in the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

Watch the trailer for Kike Like Me:

About one minute into the trailer is an interview clip with my friend, Sara Schwimmer of ChosenCouture.com. And at the end of the trailer, listen closely to the music. That's me jamming on my Hohner melodica!

Funny story about that musical interlude -- while giving the film crew a brief tour of my small apartment, I took out the melodica to demonstrate how I might come up with music for my cartoons. Jamie liked the sound, and to make things more interesting, he suggested we go to the rooftop for a cityscape backdrop. I remember it was freezing cold, and my fingers were getting numb as I played. You can hear the music slowly turning into mush as I end the song.

A few months ago, Cave 7 contacted me to ask what song I was playing, just in case the composition was protected by copyright. I gave my assurance that the music was all improvised, and gave my permission to use it in the film. Here's the short video clip they sent me for confirmation, (back when I strangely resembled Wolverine):

I haven't seen Kike Like Me yet, and I have no idea if my interview even made it into the film. So if anyone in Canada has a chance to see it, let me know!

Teh History of Israel

Please join me in wishing Israel a happy birthday! "Teh History of Israel", is a new cartoon I produced for birthright israel in celebration of Yom Ha'atzmaut, or Israel Independence Day.

(Oddly, YouTube happened to chose the most boring frame of the entire cartoon as the preview screen.) The style of pictorial animation I used for this cartoon was inspired by Brad Neely's excellent Professor Brothers series.

Feel free to share with your friends, and have a wonderful celebration!

This cartoon is a product of JewishRobot!

April 14, 2007

The Jewish Robot Has Landed

I am pleased to announce that JewishRobot.com, my new animation service brand, has officially launched! Visit the site to see my animation portfolio, and witness the Autosemitic Animation Assembly Line in action, with a bunch of cool new robots on my Roboteam, like our accountant, Payos Prompley (left).

April 12, 2007

Uncle Sammy, 1946-2007

Uncle Sammy and me, 1973

I am home with my family in Vineland, NJ earlier than expected this month. My uncle, Sam Sztajnwurcel, passed away early this morning after extended illness. Sam suffered from schizophrenia, and experienced a stroke that left him bedridden and semiconscious for the last seven years of his life. I am sad to see him go, but relieved that his pain has ended.

In his final moments, my uncle uttered God's name over and over. Despite a lifetime of hearing voices, I believe Sam's last conversation was real, and his prayer was finally answered.

Thanks to all my friends who have given their support.

April 06, 2007


Today I came across Bitsela.com, a site for Jewish clip art. Seems like your typical Judaica online shop. What got my attention is the illustration used for the Brit Milah on the home page. I guess it's supposed to be a safety pin, which you can see more clearly on that image's purchase page in the "Jewish Birth - Baby" category. But on the homepage, with the angle and red tip and wiggle lines, is it just me or does that graphic resemble an excited, freshly circumcised willy?

Gives new meaning to Jewish Clip Art!

April 02, 2007

Egg's Exodus

In the spirit of Passover, Karen the Exotic Egyptian German Australian Artist and self proclaimed Egg Princess sent me her cool cartoon illustration of Moses in what appears to be a moment of frustration, expressing his true feelings about the whole Exodus ordeal. You can find more of Karen's unique cartoons—and even be her friend—on MySpace.

Chag Sameach Pesach!
-- The Jewish Robot