January 14, 2007

Tzfat Chance

The city of Tzfat

When I was in Israel in the summer, we missed out on going to Tzfat, as the city was being hit by Katyusha rockets while we were driving there! So it was a fortuitous occasion when Lindsay invited me and my freewheeling ROI120 friend, Aaron Small, to come up with her to the Livnot campus in Tzfat for a night. We took the bus up from Jerusalem for a beautiful scenic drive, and got to hang out with the young Livnot participants for the next twenty-four hours. They were an enthusiastic bunch who treated us like one of the family. Our temporary home was The Cave, and there we dwelled as cavemen, awaiting our hiking adventure and other cave-manly things.

Wipe that graffiti of the Moshiach NOW!

Ghostly tree in the Tzfat cemetery

Picking fresh oranges is no Small task

After our overnight stay in Tzfat, we hitched a ride with the Livnot group back to Jerusalem. Along the way we stopped at a kibbutz where we were treated to fresh dates and raisins, and a sunset view that was simply breathtaking. I would like to thank Lindsay and the entire Livnot 184 group for making us feel so welcome, and feeding us, and housing us, and chafufeuring us, and massaging us, and cleaning our socks and underwear.

The kibbutz on the way home

Guitarist Pesach sings to the Livnot group at sunset

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