December 26, 2006

Leading Up North

Today I am leaving once again for Israel, this time with the Center for Leadership initiative, Leading Up North. As a participant in the ROI120 summer conferences, I have been invited to join a group of 500 young Jewish leaders for ten days to do community service in the north cities of Israel that were affected in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. Projects will include restoring shelters and eco-restoration.

This time I am bringing my laptop, so I should be able to post updates on the ShaBlog more often than last time, as well as some ShaBot comic strips if I have time. I will also be traveling throughout Israel after the Leading Up North initiative for about two weeks, returning to New York on January 16.

And, for your enjoyment, here is a voice message left by my wacky old neighbor, Bob, wishing me a bon voyage in his own special way.

Happy New Year, more in 2007!

The Jewish Robot


Yoav Sapir Berlin Jewish Tours said...

Hey! What's with the Golan?!

Anonymous said...

Was that big ball bob? haha! Have fun, be safe. Glad to see you got over the flying thing. Happy Chaukkah and have a great new years in Israel. Oh the irony... it kills me.
All the best, T.

Anonymous said...

NYC won't be the same without you, sweetcheeks.

Anonymous said...

I hope you should meet a nice Sephardic girl with childbearing hips and then I'll have Shansta all to myself.

pdberger said...

Have fun, William. Happy New Year. Paul.

Shabot 6000 said...

Thanks for the well wishes, all. T, it would only be ironic if the Jewish robot never came to Israel (where I am writing from now). Overcoming my anxiety is more ... logical.

See you all in 2007!

The Jewish Robot