January 07, 2007

Leading in the New Year

Right back at you, youngest ROI120 LUN participant, Aussie Dave Burnett

The K'far Giladi Guest House were kind enough to host a New Year's Eve party for the ROI/Kivun/Charlie and JCS LUN gang right in the hotel. Drinks flowed, the DJ spun all the popular tunes the kids like these days, and everyone had a great time. It may sound strange, but this may be the first New Year's Eve party I've ever been to where everyone was happy! There were no fights, no out-of-control drunks, no one getting sick, and no inappropriately excessive public displays of affection on the dance floor. Everyone in our group was partying not just for the New Year, but for a sense of accomplishment we all shared just six days into our Leading Up North initiative. I am fortunate to have been a part of this wonderful experience.

Where was I for this sweet group photo? I spy Beery, Joel, Aryeh, Dave B, EV, Caroline, Joelle, Gal, Esther K, Alon, Michelle Citrin, Kronick, and Sydney (photo by Elias #2)

The Jewish Robot, Michelle Citrin, and Ariel Beery boogie until the break of dawn (well, more like 1AM IST for the Bot, I was so tired)

Aussie Dave is quite used to women converging on his position (photo by Elias #2)

My K'far Giladi roommate and stealth funnyman, Elias #2, and fellow Park Sloper Michelle Citrin

Wishing you all peace and prosperity in 2007!

-- The Jewish Robot


Anonymous said...

It looks like Elias #2 and Michelle could have hit it. And who's the blondie holding the brew?

Shabot 6000 said...

The blonde with the brew is Sydney H., National Alumni Coordinator for Birthright, fellow ROI120 participant and friend.

Esther Kustanowitz said...

Heh--I wonder if blonde with brew will enjoy being so identified...

Great pics, 'bot! Although I have to say I don't remember the group picture...which may be a good sign.