January 08, 2007

Heron Now

WTF (What The Flock)!? Heron migrate by the thousands to Huleh Valley

After a late night of celebration with the Leading Up North team, we eased into the New Year with a tour of Hulah Valley, an agricultural region in northern Israel known for its wetlands and nature reserve where a bounty of bird species can be observed. Our friendly tour guide (pictured left) took us on a relaxing caravan ride through the swamps, where we witnessed the migration of thousands upon thousands of crane. It is hard to tell from the photo, but it really was an amazing sight, as these birds with six-foot wingspans flocked around us, taking off in massive waves of grey as they became startled.

It reminds me of a movie about birds by Alfred Hitchcock, but I can't remember the name. (Photo by Elias #2)

When I think of Israel, I usually think "desert". Swampland was quite unexpected.

JR, Ariel, and Dave B. throw rocks at the heron. They're easy to hit, they're so big! (Photo by Esther K.)

The coypu, or nutria, is a native rodent species found in the wetlands

We never let our guard join in any crane-peer games

Later this day, LUN cuts down burned trees ...

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Anonymous said...

What cute animals!!! Especially the nutria :)