April 08, 2008

Speaking in FutureTense

PresenTense founder Ariel Beery, Daniel Cipriani of AZM, and discussion moderator Todd Schechter

On Sunday, PresenTense Magazine hosted a roundtable discussion FutureTense on Culture for Jewish artists, raising questions about innovation, changes in cultural events and productions, and the future of the Jewish cultural space. One dominating theme was "Is it good for the Jews?" Aryeh "Jewster" Goldsmith explained that it depends on your perspective, which is so true that we had nothing left to discuss, so we all went home.

Guest speaker and rocker Naomi Less, Maya Wainhaus, Cool Jew author Lisa Alcalay Klug, and guest presenter, Leslie Ginsparg of Girls Night On

Jewish Robot and Alana Shultz

Aryeh "Jewster" Goldsmith answers "It depends who you ask" when Stacey Menchel asked if it was good for the Jews.

More photos of the FutureTense meeting on Facebook


Anonymous said...

You guys should have just drawn straws and married each other on the spot. Nothing else you did would have nearly as much positive impact on Jewish culture.

anono 1

William Levin said...

Ha, I actually agree with you this time, Anon1.

Anonymous said...

I thought you always agreed with me. But don't feel bad. Having 36 year old Jewish men who obsess over worthless shit like lower case consonants instead of settling down is probably better for the blogging commmunity at large.

Anono 1

William Levin said...

Oddly, Anon1, I agree with you again.