April 23, 2008

Honorable Mention

After just a few days online, our "20 Things To Do With Matzah" Passover music video is definitely making the rounds: It was a featured Viral Video Hit on Yahoo! Video and even made it to the main Yahoo.com home page, bringing in over 120,000 views to date. And on YouTube, with about 90,000 views, the video has received the honor of being the #40 Most Viewed Music Video This Week (#49 Most Viewed in Canada, and #78 in Australia).

You can also find mention of the Matzah Song in The Jewish Daily Forward, YNet News, and CNET News.com!


Anonymous said...

You guys were also on the late news on Israel's Channel 10 Thursday night. They were just showing some fun things on the interwebs.

IWB said...

Awesome! I (in Canada) passed it around via email and Facebook and I know that some people who saw my Facebook post passed it on. I almost used my matzoh as a bookmark the other day after I'd finally gotten the song out of my head.

Sam said...

If you like this video you must check out http://www.savetheknish.org to check out the new cause to stop the slaughter of these precious furry animals only to make tasty pastry!!