April 01, 2008

Shabot Spotted

L to R: Ariel Beery, Skye, Kyle, Jewish Robot, and Vanessa

Yesterday I met with PresenTense Magazine founder and friend, Ariel Beery, during one of his rare social visits to Brooklyn. Always making connections, Beery stepped outside the Tea Lounge on 10th St. briefly to take a call. When he happened to mention to his acquaintance on the phone that he was in Park Slope with the creator of Shabot 6000, an unsuspecting young fan who was sitting outside with her friends perked up. That's how I met local uber-fan Skye and her friends Kyle and Vanessa. Getting recognized for my relatively obscure comic strip doesn't happen often ... thanks for making my day!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. Shabot 6000 is a way underground Jewish nerd cult hit. Like The Rocky Horror Picture Show but without the movie or group dynamic or exchange of money or bodily fluids. Which pictured lass was the Shabot fan? Did she show her appreciation?

Anonymous (as always)