November 01, 2007


Thanks, Paul, for pointing out that our lovely friend, Leah Kauffman, the voice behind Obama Girl and the inspiration for Rosh Hashanah Girl, has a new parody music video out, Perfected, a response to political pundit Ann Coulter and her inflammatory comment that "Jews need to be perfected by becoming Christians."

Personally I don't think Coulter's comments were offensive at all. She was simply summarizing the underlying theme of "completist" religions, including Christianity. Still, the song is catchy and fun, and it's nice to see Kauffman in front of the camera as well as the microphone!


Anonymous said...

I always get uncomfortable when nobody has anything to say about a post. Also, I think this blog would be better for me if you posted daily instead of every tu b'shvat.

Your pal and main reader,


Eloketh said...

I don't think Ann's antisemitic. I think she's crazy. She's obviously desperate for attention, and is probably smart enough to know exactly the effect her inflammatory rhetoric will have. But to actually say some of the things she has said...well, I think you have to be a few fries short of a happy meal.

This video is a perfect response. Humour goes much farther than angry words. Well done.