November 29, 2007

The Adventures of Todd and God

Ladies and gentlemensches, I am pleased to present The Adventures of Todd and God, a new educational cartoon I developed for This first episode is a Hanukkah special on how to light the menorah, and if all goes well, hopefully we can develop Todd and God into a series. So please share with your friends and let know what you think!

All art, animation, voices, sound design, and theme song by William Levin of Special thanks to Daniel Septimus of for entrusting me with this project, and buddy Berger Boy for helping me brainstorm!

Visit Todd and God at their special home at


Jeremy said...

Wow, beautiful vocalizations. Thats a different tune than we sing on Shabbat. I like yours better though :).

Was that really you singing or is that from a recording of a Rabbi?

William Levin said...

Hehe, thanks, Jeremy, that was me doing my best cantor voice.