November 30, 2007

Shabot on Facebook

Keeping up with the times, Shabot 6000 now has a page on Facebook! If you are a member of Facebook (if you're not, come out from under that rock and sign up!), you can receive news and updates about the cartoons, discuss the comics with fellow Shaboteers, and get to know the cartoonist (me) by becoming a Fan of Shabot 6000.

And, as an added bonus, now you can view the latest Shabot 6000 comic strip right in your Facebook profile! Just add the Shabot 6000 Facebook application, developed by friend Meir Taub, to your Facebook account and new comics will appear in your profile as they are released weekly.

So join the fun and become a Shabot 6000 Facebook Fan today!


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that pretty teenage Facebook girls are sure to have 1000+ friends. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll soon hit double digits.

Your pal, Anonymous 1

William Levin said...

Anon, I only add friends to Facebook who I know in real life. But the Shabot 6000 Fan Page is for anyone who likes my cartoons.