October 18, 2007

PresenTense Drunken Thunk Tunk

Getting into the spirit of the Drunken Brainstorm, Dana Raviv, Avital Aronowitz, and Rachel Travis

PresenTense Magazine had their first, but certainly not last, Drunken Brainstorming meeting last night, to celebrate the release of Issue Three while coming up with article ideas for Issue Four. Hosted by Rachel Travis at her Travis Think Tank on the Upper West Side, about 20 contributors showed up to do l'chaims between thinking. The evening was more productive than anyone could have predicted, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of the concepts move from Post-It notes to glossy magazine pages.

If you give 20 drunks 20 pens, how many magazine articles can they come up with in 2 hours?

PresenTense Editor in Chief Ariel Beery keeping track of all our article ideas

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Esther Kustanowitz said...

Gosh, was that a fun time. We should do that regularly, for sure. We'd create ginormous magazines, though.

Anonymous said...

Who are these enchanting new Jewesses? Is the JR still having a dry spell? Where is the smart money headed? Thank you.