August 09, 2007

Newish Media

Point/Counterpoint with Mobius and Rebecca

This week I attended The Evolving Landscape in "New" Jewish Media discussion at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan. On the panel were Tahl Raz of, Sara Ivry of Nextbook, Rebecca Wiener of Heeb Magazine, Esther Kustanowitz of PresenTense Magazine, Daniel Sieradski of and moderator Ami Eden of JTA. Eden played the devil's advocate with his questions, asking the panel if blogs really have an impact in the world of legitimate Jewish journalism. He expressed a common sentiment: he could read about the same topic in a hundred blogs, but he won't take it seriously until he reads it in a reputable printed publication like the Jewish Daily Forward (where he used to work). Tal argued that blogs must be having an impact, because now all these reputable print publications are rushing to create their own blogs. Dan "Mobius" Sieradski, founder of, knows first hand about these Old School publications looking to start some serious blogging, as he hinted to the audience, and finally announced on his Orthodox Anarchist blog:
Next Monday, I assume the role of Director of New Media for JTA, the global Jewish newswire. Mostly, I will be responsible for JTA’s website, video, podcasts, etc.. I will not be writing for them. Not yet, anyway. And unless I’m showing off something I made, I also will not be writing about JTA here or anywhere else. I do not want to blow this gig. So, this is “the last time I am phoning and the first time. Goodbye.”

Good luck to all my fellow New Jewish Media bloggers, though I have a feeling it's the Old Media folks who need the luck.

"Sorry for making fun of Heeb in my comics, Rebecca."

Persuasive and manly speaker Tahl Raz flanked by swooning Sara Ivry and Esther K.

Self-professed Brooklyn hater, alcoholic and author of Generation S.L.U.T., Jewcy contributor Marty Beckerman finally meets his idol: me.


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Did any of you mensches ask out Rebecca on a date?


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she's got a man

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well, there's always melissa f. in the district.