August 16, 2007

Eat Me, I'm Kosher

A man after my own single-minded heart, Seattle blogger Ben has devoted an unreasonable amount of time to cataloguing and pontificating on Suicide Food — that is, "any depiction of animals that act as though they wish to be consumed."

In one of his recent posts, Ben showcases a glatt kosher beef product from Simcha Valley. In describing the happy cow, who, judging from the bloody brisket she holds in her cloven hoof, is apparently aware of her ultimate consumption, Ben provides some relevant facts about kashrut:
So here, our happy cow is perfectly situated to contemplate and serve God, right up to the Blessed Moment. Of the 613 mitzvot—the commandments contained in the Torah—a great many deal with the proper disposition of sacrificed animals. Our cow is in the right line of work. After her ritual death, her internal organs will be rigorously inspected for any of 70 irregularities that would render her remains non-kosher. (Glatt is often thought of as "ultra kosher," a designation requiring extra scrutiny.) Is it any wonder she is filled with gladness?

Mmm, all this talk about inspecting entrails is making me hungry!

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