August 31, 2007

Kosher Barbe-CUTE!

Photo by Paul Berger

Brooklyn buddy Paul Berger snapped this fine photo in Prospect Park earlier in the week. What a cute family picnic, with all the kids in matching shirts!

An interesting question has been posed on the comment section of Paul's post: is it kosher to use the park grill, which is not kosher, even if you are not grilling directly on it?

I suspect the family are cooking on their own grill and coal basin, and are using the park grill merely as a high platform for their own cooking device. Would that be a halachicly kosher solution? Would they have to kasher their cooking basin when they got home? Enough Hassidic families use the park grills in the same way that it must be kosher, but if anyone can explain exactly why, Paul and I would appreciate it.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!


Anonymous said...

I Suspect you've answered your own question. They simply put an entirely seperate grill on top of the one in the park so they don't have to sit on the floor or whatnot. To me, this raises another question : wouldn't this be concidered "ma'aras ayin"? - a situation where although you are entirely within the law, it would appear to a passerby that you are breaking the law, and therefore you should not partake in that activity, so as not to give someone a reason to think you might possibly be doing something against the law?
And another question- Why's the dad sittting? He should be running the grill...

harrietv said...

You should not as not to give some the impression you are outside the law? Why is it "someone's" business? My Dad taught me that frum is not a contest.