March 21, 2007


JR with fans Rivka and Nechama

When I walked into the Tea Lounge here in Park Slope, Brooklyn with my buddy Berger Boy for our weekly game of Scrabble, I was caught off guard when I heard someone say, "Hey, you're Shabot!" I was flattered to learn that Rivka and Nechama, two local Brooklyn gals, have been following my comic strip since its beginning in 2004. As the artist behind an obscur online cartoon series, I never would have expected anyone to recognize me out of context, so I was more than happy to doodle and sign autographs for my two new favorite fans.

Thanks for making my day, girls!


Unknown said...

looooooooook its us!! on the shaBot page!!
sooo honored!!!
great meeting u!

Unknown said...

it was lovely meeting u as well! and how honored i am to have my face on ur blog!
don't forget i willll beat u in boggle!