March 09, 2007

Jewish Robot at the Beach

Yesterday I arrived in Long Beach, California for the Jewlicious at the Beach Festivals, where I, along with many of my colleagues, will be speaking in salons and panels about being Jews in new media (I think ... I'm still not sure what I'll be talking about). As with my trips to Israel, once again I am traveling and rooming with fellow J-blogger and friend, Aryeh G. The good Rabbi Yonah Bookstein of Beach Hillel, founder and organizer for the event, arranged our flight and lodging and food and local transportation, and we are already indebted to his generosity. That's why Aryeh and I were more than willing to help decorate the JCC into the night.

Aryeh at the airport

Jewish Robot, having a ball

Aryeh helps make the JCC look nice, just by standing there

Blogging from the Alpert Jewish Community Center of Long Beach, where I got to blow the dust off my old Macboy skills and set up the Macintosh iMacs for the registration center.

More news and photos after the weekend, ShaBot Shalom!


Steve Stoker said...

Hope you had a good time, I sure did. I also took the time to catch up on (all of) your recent comics.

(That kid you told to learn some songs people actually know :p)

Anonymous said...

Random question for you:

Why on earth do you have an advert on your blog that encourages interfaith marriage? That goes against everything your blog stands for. What is going on?
I am dissapointed. Going to Israel, working for Birthright, and doing Jewlicious on the Beach is negated when you endorse the proliferation of interfaith marriages. My aim is not to point fingers at you but to draw your attention to a glaring inconsistency, not to mention the encouragement of a practice that leads to the demise of our people.

Anonymous said...

Oh My G-d - I am sooooo sorry. I think the ad is on one of your friends' site. I see why that site would have it. Please forgive me for suggesting you would do such a me. Please mochel me.