March 04, 2007

Sweet Purim Jam, Brooklyn Style

IYUUN Chabad of Carroll Gardens Annual Purim Jam!

With no concrete Purim plans, I wandered over to the BAM Café with my buddy Berger Boy, only to discover that the Hip-Hop Hafla Purim Party, part of the 2007 Steinhardt Jewish Heritage Festival, was already winding down. We waited for Ariel Beery to show up before jetting, and going with the flow, we followed a group of nomadic Jews over to the Chabad of Carroll Gardens a few blocks away.

When we arrived, I was surprised to find an oasis of music, food, and celebration in a part of Brooklyn that I've only passed through, never stopping to smell the roses. And to make things even more special, Hasidic hip-hop artist Matisyahu made a surprise appearance, and put on an impromptu performance. Even though I've poked fun at him in my Shabot comics, I had never seen Matisyahu perform before, so I lucked out when I just happened to be sitting right up front, about two feet away from him as he busted out with the beats.

Impromptu Matisyahu

Berger Boy caught the whole thing on film

Watch a clip of Matisyahu perform live at Chabad of Carroll Gardens

After his performance, I had an opportunity to introduce myself and talk with Matisyahu briefly, before the swarm of admiring frum gals flocked around him, maintaining a respectable distance, wishing they could jump his shomer negiyah bones.

Matisyahu and the Jewish Robot

Resident Engergy Conservationist Ami "Greener" Greener and sidekick Adam

Who let Super Mario in the house? Ariel Beery wears his Leading Up North work clothes so he can get down and dirty.

Jamming out the Chabad Melodies, Purim style

Hasidic Crown Heights native and fashion designer Levi Okunov and publicist Berel made it to the party

By the time this photo was taken, Paul could not tell the difference between "Cursed be Haman" and "Blessed be Mordecai". Though the next day, Berger Boy confessed he didn't know the difference before he got drunk, either

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