March 15, 2007

Best of All, the Festival

Misha the Frum Mouse meets the Jewish Robot

I arrived home in Brooklyn on Tuesday after spending a fun filled weekend participating in the Jewlicious at the Beach 3.0 festival, co-hosted by Beach Hillel in Long Beach, CA. The festival was well attended, with about 400 Jewish students all converging in the Alpert JCC for shabbat meals, wine tasting, music, arts and crafts, concerts, seminars, and open music jams.

I was honored to have been invited to conduct a "JewTube" seminar, about Jewish influence in online marketing and viral videos. Joining me in the discussion was fellow Jew-world song writer and comedic entertainer Eric Schwartz, a.k.a. Smooth E, who had given a hilarious live performance in the music festival the night before. We talked about our involvement in the niche Jewish online market, and even got into deeper philosophical issues, asking questions like "Is Judaism becoming too trendy?" and "Do these funny Jewish viral videos negatively affect the way people view Judaism?" (I hope not, because I'm trying to make a business out of it.)

Rabbi Yonah calls everyone into the concert

Comedian and fellow songwriter Eric Schwartz, a.k.a. Smooth E, honors the Jewish Robot with his own robot impression

Straight outta' Brooklyn, Rav Shmuel performs his hit song, Protocols

Sweet young Festival goers, Andrea and Flora, flanked by two guys whose names I can't remember if I ever knew

The haunting music of Israeli Grammy award-winning musician, my second surprise

After four days of festival, Heeb Magazine contributor and hardcore New Yorker David Kelsey was not nearly as enthusiastic as I was about finally getting to the beach in Santa Monica, for fear he might spontaneously combust in the sunlight (his clothes are SPF 1,000).

It was nice to see so many young Jewish adults come together and become friends, and I'm looking forward to participating in future events. Thanks again to the Jewlicious crew and especially Rabbi Yonah!


Anonymous said...

Awww, you and Misha!
The 2 coolest guys I know :)

The Unorthodox Mom said...

Yea lol you met Misha! lol popular internet people. haha.