March 06, 2007

Manic Monday

L to R: Aryeh Goldsmith, Ariel Beery, Sara Schwimmer, Paul Berger, and Eli "No Website" Valley

Last night I gathered with the usual suspects at Mo Pitkins for Manic Monday, a joint event hosted by PresenTense Magazine and Save the Assistants. The after-work program, conceived by Lilit and Ariel, intends to combine the audiences of Jewish readers and overworked assistants for a monthly unwinding. I found it ironic that ninty percent of the folks who showed up were, like me, self-employed, and therefore could not relate to the daily strife of those Assistants who need Saving. Still, it's always good to get together with my unemployed friends.

DJ Wolinsky and Dave Schwimmer Marcus

Lilit, Assistant Saved

EV, New York blogger event king Andrew Krucoff, and Berger Boy


pdberger said...

Was that photo taken just after you told me about your latest bowel complaints?

Shabot 6000 said...

Well, by unemployed I mean self-employed. Sometimes it's the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Either way, I applaud all the young Jews who do creative things and don't exclusively chase the almighty dollar.

Esther Kustanowitz said...

Sorry I missed such a good time. Krucoff's hair looks great!