March 07, 2007

lowercase SHUl

Besides producing cartoons and blogging here on the ShaBlog, I have another little project that, over the last two years, has evolved from a hobby into a mission. lowercase L is my blog dedicated to the inexplicable use of lowercase L's in otherwise uppercase words. Typically this has nothing to do with Judaism (or robots ... or Jewish robots), except for a loosely related Hezbollah entry last July. But this week's lowercase L entry, HATZOlAH comes straight from Young Israel of the West Side in Manhattan, where I've spent many a shabbat morning in the last few months. Admittedly, there is something wrong if I'm distracted from prayer and scoping out lowercase L's at shul. I should follow our Jewish tradition like everyone else, and scope out what's on the other side of the mekhitza.

Special thanks to Shana for inviting me to shul.


Anonymous said...

Mechitza inflation has been a real pain in the tushe. When I was a kid my synagogue had one but you could easily see over it during the standing parts. Then some rubes decided it wasn't Iranian enough and it got so tall you can barely tell if anyone is on the other side. It's pretty outrageous what has happened.

GoodGirlGoneGood said...

Woo hoo, go Young Israel of the Upper West Side!

Hey Shana!