July 20, 2006

Ramot location

Driving down the west bank of the Kinneret

Our original plan was to go to Tzfat through the weekend, but as we were driving north, we heard that Tzfat had been hit in a missile attack, so the Judapest team and I stayed further south. After driving around the entire lake, we ended up staying at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Ramot on the hills of the east side of the Kinneret, near the Syrian border.

Brigitta gives a big wa-wa-wee-wa to the Mango Man

The B&B was owned and run by the Mango Man and his wife. I can't remember their names, but they grew their own mangos on the premise, which they brought to us fresh in the morning. And we had fresh mint and spearmint plants growing along our bungalo, that we plucked and used for fresh tea. We also had a friendly family of horses around the bend.

The most stable condition in Israel

I was feeling a little horse

After a fantastic few days with the Judapest lovebirds, we parted ways early on Friday. My Hungarian friends dropped me off in Tiberias (which was attacked by Hizbullah the next day!), where I took a sherut to Tel Aviv to stay with my buddy Eprhaim.
Cowboy Ephraim, outside his apartment complex

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Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty "punny" captions. hehe.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could quit Ephraim... so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Ironic that you waited so long to go there, concerned about the safety of the land, and you end up there at this time.
Glad you are OK. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Shalom ShaBot! So cool to see these posts! :))

The Mango Man was actually Dan Asher and his wife was Maya Asher: two awesome Dutch-Jews who founded Ramot in the early seventies.

Oh yeah, and we also had a papaya-tree at the entrance to our garden.

On the day after you left we were chillin' on the beach at Lake Kinneret just opposite of Tiberias. Around noon we heard and saw the two rockets falling on Tiberias. Shortly after the beach was completely empty - it was evacuated. We left Ramot the next day and went to a med-beach kibbutz north of TA.

We will send you our photos this week!

More later,
cheers: Bruno/Shadai