July 15, 2006

Last Night in Jerusalem

For all those who have expressed concern for the Jewish Robot's well-being, I am safe in Tel Aviv with my friend Ephraim. Thank you for your support!

All shuk up

July 10 was my last night in Jerusalem. While I had not seen the rest of Israel, admittedly I did not want to leave this wonderful holy city. My new friends made me feel so welcome, and the German Colony where I stayed with Aharon and Alieza had the coolest vibe. But the rest of the country was calling, so I made one last round in J-town before heading down to the Dead Sea with my favorite new Hungarian friends, Bruno and Brigitta of Judapest.org.

The evening started with a visit from my old buddy, Ephraim, originally from NYC, who made aliyah in 2002. We went to the Jerusalem shuk for a taste of marketplace bargaining, and then dropped by the Old City for a final jaunt through the Jewish Quarter.

Ephraim and me, old friends in the Old City

The evening concluded with the Existential Rabbi Avi Poupko's Ishbitz Full Moon Party, where DJ Mobius rocked the house between live sets of South African Hassidic Reggae and human beat box freestyle poetry.

DJ Mobius spins vinyl like a tweeker spins the dreidel for crystal meth gelt

The next morning I left the comfort of the German Colony to venture south.

Aharon and Alieza's flat in the German Colony felt like home

Heading south through the Jordan Valley to the Dead Sea

More photos from the Dead Sea and more in following posts!


Anonymous said...

Happt to hear you're ok. Wow! What a crazy time to be in Israel. Get back safe

Anonymous said...

JR I'm starting to think that you should make aliyah. By the way how are the Israeli chicks compared to the yentas in NYC?

Shabot 6000 said...

Anon, the thought has crossed my mind. Aliyah isn't so far fetched, since as a cartoonist I can pretty much work anywhere.

And yes, the Israeli chicks would be one contributing factor, but not the only.