July 09, 2006

Jerusalem Times

The Jewish Robot towers over the Second Temple

I've been in Jerusalem for almost a week now, with very little time to post to this blog. But now that the ROI120 conference has concluded, I've got a moment to share some photos before I head out again. I'll write about the conference in future entries, after I've collected my thoughts on this robust topic. For now, just some quick fun photos and captions from the conference here in Jerusalem.

Mobius of Jewschool.com practices yawning before the conference

Fellow ROI120 participant and Brooklyn musician Michelle Citrin of Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad joins the Jewish Robot, inexplicably dressed like an Israeli soldier, at the Kotel. (In the background, Judapest.org's Bruno Bitter and his fiery friend Brigitta of Hungary share a tender moment of appreciation and butt-squeezing.)

My favorite New Media track moderator Esther K. and Sarah Lefton of Jewish Fashion Conspiracy at the Israel Museum

Ariel Beery and Aharon Horwitz (my gracious host for these last few days) of Blogs of Zion flank Sarah Chandler of Zeek Magazine at the ROI120 banquet.

Ausi ROI120 class cut-up, Dave Burnett, expresses his love for the Jewish Robot. Turns out Dave is my Number One Fan!

The charismatic From Jerusalem with Love blogger and future Israeli reality tv star Matt Lebovic refers affectionately to the Jewish Robot as his "Muffin"

ck and Laya of Jewlicious with the Existential Rabbi Avi Poupko

Aryeh Goldsmith--hotel roommate and IBS sufferer-- of TwentyFourSix.com agrees with the graffiti: Meat = Murder. Especially on his bowels.

Protected by the mesh enviro-bubble, the Jewish Robot finds a moment to blog, even as noxious fumes produced by my IBS roommie permeate the third floor of the Prima Kings Hotel.


Anonymous said...

you sure it says Basar and not Kasher?

- yitzhak

Anonymous said...

It says "Basar": "Meat = Murder"

Anonymous said...

I like bad girl Michelle with the rockin' body. Of course we can't go out of the house without some hairstyle remediation.

pdberger said...

I like Michelle too. But who's that standing next to her? Is it Lewis out of Ghostbusters?

Glad to see you are having fun, my friend.

Sorry, I missed your call this morning. I took Sofie on a date to the movies last night and we hit the bars of the LES afterwards.

Esther Kustanowitz said...

"Favorite track moderator?" I'll take it. Undoubtedly, more robotics to come.

Anonymous said...

haha! thats pretty much on my corner.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact I'm your number one fan. Gold... So true though, it's almost pathetic ;-) Cheers mate.