July 10, 2006

Jerusalem Repost

The Jewish Robot returns to the Kotel, alone

I spent most of Sunday alone, walking through Jerusalem into the Old City, to really absorb my surroundings without the distraction of friends and conversation. I started off in the German Colony, where I have been staying with my new friends, Aharon and Alieza. From there I walked through the center of town, and ended up entering the Old City in the Christian Quarter, and passed through the Muslim Quarter. I would have taken some photos, but there seemed to be very few tourists, and I stuck out like a Jewish Robot wearing a funny hat in a land of burkas, so I kept the camera in my pocket.

Once I emerged in the Jewish Quarter, I had a chance to revisit the Kotel, which I had been to twice before: first with the ROI120 group, when I was tired and disoriented, (and apparently looking like Rick Morranis); and also on Friday night for a memorable Shabbat with the Existential Rabbi Avi Poupko. This time was a more peaceful and reflective experience.

From there I headed south to an observatory deck overlooking the City of David, where I encountered a group of young soldiers in training.

Young Guns

I can see David's City from here!

As I left the Old City I walked along the perimeter of the outer walls. I snapped this photo of the Old City from behind a section of the fence that had been replaced with barbed wire.

Security fence around part of the Old City

Sunday night I reconvened with some friends from the ROI120 conference, and we went out for dinner and the World Cup final match. After the match, the streets were taken over by crazed football fans, swerving and speeding down the road, yelling out their windows. Then I was told that's how Israelis normally drive.

Aryeh and The Jewish Robot, representing Brooklyn on Jerusalem stone

Alieza, Aharon, me, Aryeh, Esther, and Ariel


Anonymous said...

JR can you show us some pictures of the local talent? And by talent I mean T & A.

Anonymous said...

Aw man! Glad you're having fun!! I wanna go!