March 31, 2006

RAV 4 U and Me

Raffi, Jess, Ahron Mohler, and me with a big wad of gum in my yap

Rav Shmuel put on another fine show at Sidewalk Café in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. You can hear some of his tunes on Myspace Music. After the cutie I was with ducked off into a corner to confront her ex-boyfriend (AWKWARD), I sat for a chat with Ahron Mohler--man on the Manhattan Jewish alternative music scene--and his friends Raffi and Jess. This post is really for the ladies who cannot resist a tsitsis-wearing Jewish bad boy with rugged good looks. Even my sister saw a photo of Ahron and said, "Wow, that is a really hot photo of you!"


Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you last night. Shabot Shalom, Jess (pictured on left, with Raffi)

Anonymous said...

ahron is chatich for sure, and you do look alike, but you are also a serious cutie!