March 14, 2006

Grateful Yid Purim Bash

Queen Esther and Ninja Esther

Happy Purim! I just got back from attending the Second Annual Grateful Yid Purim Bash, hosted by Chabad of Prospect Heights at Southpaw here in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Featured bands were Juez, Asefa, and Rashanim. As always, these musicians gave a fantastic performance, and had the place hopping. The great thing about this show was that revelers of all ages and streams attended, from wee tots to respected rebbes, black hats to Jewfros.

Purim Party People in the house say "Ho".

Don't fear the Jewfro

Samuel Thomas of Asefa

Mostly Juez

Timecop visits Shushan

Harry Esq., Curly Shirley, me


Anonymous said...

What no hook up w/Doree?

Shabot 6000 said...

Who the heck keeps posting about sweet young Doree? Is it you, Doree? ;-)

Anonymous said...

No it's not poor Doree. I'm just trying to prime the pump here.

Shabot 6000 said...

It seems I have a guardian angel. Anonymous, do we know each other? Show yourself! Especially if you are hot.

Anonymous said...

No, we don't know each other. And I'm a guy, Holmes.

golfwidow said...

Just discovered your comic and I adore it. Rock.