March 19, 2010

Shabbat Unplugged

Reported in the New York Times, Reboot is promoting a campaign to take a break from the constant stream of social media for shabbat this weekend for its first National Day of Unplugging.

From the article, "And on the Sabbath, the iPhones Shall Rest":
Organizers hope the day of unplugging will draw attention to Reboot’s “Sabbath Manifesto”: a set of 10 “core principles” introduced earlier this year to guide tradition-seekers in ways that are meaningful in an information-driven world. Dan Rollman, president and a founder of the Web site Universal Record Database (, which tracks its own set of “world records,” conceived the manifesto at a 2008 Reboot retreat, in part to “reinvent the Jewish ritual and make Judaism a little more modern and contemporary.”
So how about giving it a try?  After you've received this blog update in your RSS feed on your iPhone, turn it off?

ShaBot Shalom!

1 comment:

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