March 25, 2010

Matzo Ball Olympics

Now that the Winter Olympics are over, what will you watch?  Try Matzo Ball Olympics, the new short video I produced for Manischewitz, being released just in time for Passover.  Starring friend and filmmaker Zach Timm as Matzo Ball Olympian, Manny Schevitz.

Starring Zach Timm as Manny Schevitz
Camerawork and edited by Ben Donnellon
Special appearance by Daniel Halprin as John McEnroe

Special thanks to Sarah Phillips for matzo ball prop construction and custom Manischewitz tee-shirts!

Golf clubs provided by New York Golf Center

Filmed throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

This is a shorter teaser version of a mini-mockumentary I produced about Manny Schevitz, a beleaguered Matzo Ball Olympian.  I hope I get to share the longer version someday, or the world may never know the story behind the matzo ball.


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