May 13, 2007

Grey Day

The entrance to Yerg. Every morning, that Y is mysteriously in a new location.

Sorry for the lack of comics and blog posts in the last two weeks. I've taken on a short-term animation project at Grey, a worldwide advertising agency, and the full-time work schedule has taken a toll on my personal projects like Shabot 6000 and JewishRobot.

Even though it has been an exhausting two weeks, it has certainly been fun! I'm working with the "Yerg" team--that's "Grey" backwards, to signify how wacky and imaginative we are. There are about a dozen creative members in this department, including fellow Flash animator and friend Threebrain, who introduced me to the company. I'm helping out with Globe Probe, an entertaining promotional website for Tanqueray. (I don't think I'm allowed to say much about the project until it is live, so stay tuned for more info within the next few weeks.)

A typical day at Yerg involves a lot of foosball, jamming on guitars, practicing skateboard moves, playing video games, and other ways to keep the creative juices flowing. As a part-timer, I do not feel I have earned the right to partake in these pastimes, so I sit quietly at my desk and animate.

Perhaps not so typical at Yerg is a private mini concert we were treated to by UK rock artist Donovan!

After the mini concert, in which he performed his classic hits "Hurdy Gurdy Man" and "Mellow Yellow", (see YouTube video above), Donovan gave us all autographed CDs and offered his songwriting services for commercial advertising. What a cool way to start the morning!

Bennett and Threebrain and other Yerg audience members pleased with Donovan's performance

Tim Mellors, President and Chief Creative Officer of Grey Worldwide North America, presents Donovan with a Yerg custom designed skateboard Deck

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Anonymous said...

Hi I worked on the current globeprobe site!! I'd love to see your work - we may have freelance work for you too, it woudl be good to hook up at least... share gossip...