May 28, 2007

11 Days B.C.

Lake Louise, Alberta

I've just returned from eleven days in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, driving between Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. No time to get into the trip details right now, as I am tired from traveling, and will be leaving home again today for another 10 days in London.

So until I return, enjoy these photos!

Dinner in Vancouver with fellow LUN leader Elias Parker (middle) and his friends, travel partner Ernie on the left, and me on the right

Jewish Robot gives a Jasper bear hug

The view of Calgary City Centre from our hotel room

Tagged caribou on the side of the road through Jasper

Bison in Elk Island National Park

"Hayburger!" I got out of the car to snap this perfectly mocking "Hey, Bison Burger!" photo

Here's that same Hayburger Bison rolling over, getting ready to charge me after I encroached on his territory! Click to see a larger version, and you will actually see the rage in his eyes!


pdberger said...

That's not rage. I think he likes you.

Anonymous said...

You were in Canada?!
You shoulda come to Montreal, Quebec!