December 22, 2006

More Kosher Spam

I've been receiving so much spam with seemingly Jewish targeted Subject headers that I've created a special folder to catalogue them all. Here are just a few examples of the kosher spam Subjects that end up in my inbox:

From: Phillip Porter
Subject: Take the border of the his hands to Jerusalem they were

From: Allen
Subject: Levi, and of the a good unto Moses and the people the west side,

From: Jennie
Subject: However the Bible rarely records the Levites adherence to there call.

From: Juan Johnson
Subject: them molten images, and all the son of Moses,

From: Bobby Parker
Subject: Israel out of the them all the air: to his stature to him).

From: Israel Atkins
Subject: it's me Israel

Have you received any Jewish spam? Tell us about it.


Anonymous said...

I keep getting the same damn spam, always Jewish.

David Kasdan said...