December 20, 2006

In the (Server) Closet

Speaking of cartoons from the Artist Formerly Known as Macboy, here's an old Flash cartoon greeting card for the holidays, Xmas, made especially for hardcore Macintosh nerds. The cartoon depicts a server closet with thirty, count 'em, thirty stacked Apple Xserve rackmount computers, and what might happen when the office shuts down for the holiday break. And for the server stickler, I programmed the light show to correspond exactly with the actual LED layout of the original Xserve computers. All illustration, animation, and music arrangement by me.

Happy Holidays from Macboy, a.k.a. The Jewish Robot!


pdberger said...

Hey Geekboy, Hope you're having fun in Brooklyn. I am on my way to Daneland. Enjoy Israel. Looking forward to sushi and Scrabble when you get back. Paul.

Anonymous said...

Come out of the closet, already, you big stud! :)