November 07, 2006

Well, Gali!

I am pleased to present "The Best Chanukah Gift Ever", the latest Flash cartoon produced by Jewish Robot for Gali Girls!

Gali Girls, created by Aliza Stein, are dolls for young Jewish girls. Unlike their underdressed counterparts, like Barbie and Bratz, Gali Girls keep the laws of tznius, dressing modestly and representing positive Jewish values and tradition.

This cute cartoon commercial, being released in time for the Chanukah rush, is appropriate for all ages, and features the voice talent of Jessica Wachsman, music by Shlock Rock, and character design and illustration by Sara Weissman. Concept by Aliza Stein of Gali Girls, and everything else—backgrounds, voices, sound design, and animation—by the Jewish Robot.

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Anonymous said...

Great. Plain Jane dolls for Jewish girls. Maybe next year they can introduce a line of unkempt fat girls with asthma. BTW: Shansta I missed you on Halloween baby.

Anonymous said...

I agree Anon, that's hilarious!! and it's always nice to feel missed ;)

Daniel said...

dear Robot,

my five year old daughter is crazy about your Gali flash. She made her grandmother watch it about fifty times. Everytime I'm in front of the computer she asks if she can watch it.

Shabot 6000 said...

Thanks, Daniel, I passed along your message to Gali Girls creator Aliza and she was happy to hear this!