November 15, 2006

God Hates Robots

Yes, we all know that God Hates Robots, but the question is when? This "coming soon" announcement was first posted about three years ago, and I've been racking my positronic matrix with anticipation, waiting for the site to go online. The original scheduled launch date was October 31, 2004. That changed to October 31, 2005 with a question mark. Now it's almost 2007, and I have not yet felt the wrath of God.

Why does God hate robots, but refuse to launch His site? If anyone knows, please enlighten the Jewish Robot by posting here.


Anonymous said...

The domain seems to be registered for this game development company. It's probably promotion for some upcoming, severly delayed (or cancelled) game.

Esser Agaroth said...

B"H I don't believe that God hates robots. I have yet to see ANY proof of this. BTW, I thought androids had positronic brains, not robots. Are you a hybrid??

Anonymous said...

Ha Shem hates robots because they're robotlike; shallow, simplistic, incapable of critical thinking or of looking past their own closed box.
Robots believe that Jewish is Leftist and Leftist is Jewish, and nothing that's happening in the real world, either to Israel or on US college campuses, has any effect. No blacks or leftoids can be anti-Semites. A good Jew is a closed-minded ideologue. Bigotry against conservatives, above all Jewish conservatives; frum Jews; & religious Christians are all good bigotries, kosher & permitted. Robots don't realize that they comprise themselves the caricature of Jerry Falwell et al that they hold. No one can hate
like a passionate Jewish liberal.
The Reform temples are full of robots, & ha Shem hates them. He hates them as they troop out to vote , automatically, for the furthest Left Democrats they can find, when they support race-based reverse discrimination against themselves & their kids, when they're soft on criminals who prey on them and when they oppose self defense rights that would give them a better chance on the streets.
But you know? The robots are failing to manufacture more of themselves in needed numbers, by a lot. Very many of them, more than half, are interfacing with other systems that aren't compatible with the robots as they are. And so, in a matter of decades, the whole robot population is going to crash demographically & their Reform temples will be empty And ha Shem will laugh.
Dr. Baruch the Redneck

Anonymous said...

No, no. It's not registered to, but close... Regardless, I happen to have it on very good authority that the site will launch soon.