November 10, 2006

PresenTense Issue One Launch

Last night I attended the PresenTense Magazine Issue One Launch at the Edgar M. Bronfman Center for Jewish Life at New York University, featuring "Forgotten Heritage: Uncovering New York's Hidden Jewish Past," the work of photographer and PresenTense photoessayist Julian Voloj. Plenty of people turned up, including the usual suspects (see photos below). If you can pick up a copy of the magazine, you'll find my full-page cartoon "Marine Ecology of the Middle East" on the back page.

PresenTense Editor-in-Chief Ariel Beery and Heeb contributor David Kelsey

The Robot and Executive Editor Beth Pollak

New Jewlicious contributor Phoebe

The real reason Beery started a magazine: GROUPIES


Anonymous said...

Phoebe you're cute but need to spruce up the presentation:

1. Lose the backpack
2. Let hair grow out
3. Apply make up
4. Upgrade earrings
5. Stand up straight
6. Improve brassiere fit
7. Pass me Shansta's digits

That guy behind you would be chasing you around the room, if he didn't.

Esser Agaroth said...

B"H (sigh) Yet another New York, trendy Jew party to which I was NOT invited. I won't forget this, Ariel! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry baby but I don't think that Phoebe chick has my number.

Anonymous said...

Bethany you're right I shouldnt have said that about Phoebe and I apologize to her. And not just so Shansta sees my sensitive side.