September 10, 2006


French graffiti artist MIST paints a phat FatCap

Last Thursday I went to the Paint Ball, a toy show benefit for the Save the Children Federation at Kidrobot in Soho. Graffiti artists, fashion designers, and underground comic artists from around the world were invited to paint and reconstruct big Dunny and FatCap dolls, which will be auctioned for charity.

Wall of FatCaps and Dunnies

Famed fashion designer Richie Rich of the Heatherette lingerie line signs a Dunny box for us

Dunny by illustrator Andrew Rae

I particularly liked this Dunny painted by illustrator Andrew Rae, whose robot creations I find very appealing. Taking a closer look at Rae's montage on this cartoon doodled Dunny, I think I may have found Shabot's long lost secular twin!

Here are more photos from the Kidrobot Paint Ball.

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