June 19, 2006

So you thought Jew could dance

Hehe, I can't stop watching this clip! When Orthodox Jewish So You Think You Can Dance contestant, David Warshaw, was disqualified after falling flat on his face in the middle of his routine, I'll bet he thought the worst was over. But the embarrassment didn't stop there, with video clips of his yarmulke-popping punim-plant quickly circulating on the Internet. Although the videos have all been removed from sites like YouTube at the request of the copyright owner, you can still enjoy Warshaw's flying kippah act in the form of an animated GIF, commonly used in the signature files and profiles of LiveJournal members.

You can also see the extended clip, complete with judges' reaction. I like the way thet cover their heads in astonishment, as if to compensate for Warshaw's dislodged beanie.


Anonymous said...

The "worse" was over? Did they speak English at your Yeshiva? Please tell me that was a typo.

Anonymous said...

check out the video and his comment about what happened.. haha