June 25, 2006

Bunch of FLAGS

NYC Pride Week concluded today with The MARCH down 5th Avenue in Manhattan. It was nice to see support from Jewish organizations, including Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, NYC's synagogue for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender Jews, their families and friends; and The Union for Reform Judaism Greater New York Council.

Elijah and Tobey would approve!


Anonymous said...

Too bad the Reform couldnt get a third marcher to help hold their sign. This is depressing to me, not that I dislike gays, but I just see it as another dead end for non-Orthodox Jewish life.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous -

This is your evidence for the "dead end" of non-Orthodox life? One photograph! Wow, what intelligent analysis!

Anonymous said...

Well, they say a picture tells a thousand words and these ones help to illustrate an incontrovertible fact: non-Orthodox Jewish communities are dwindling through assimilation and low birth rates. The fervour with which non-Orthodox streams practice essentially non-Jewish fads is largely to blame.

Anonymous said...

JR quit pandering to the gays. I realize they can make or break you in the big city but don't be so open minded that your brain falls out. Accepting gay individuals is fine but celebrating them is a shanda.

Shabot 6000 said...

Anon #1, there is no historical or biological correlation between gayness and extinction.

Anon #4, there is no shame in showing support for people seeking equal rights.

Anonymous said...

JR I'm pleased to see that you're a good sport.

Anonymous 1,4

P.S. Doree what's shaking?

Anonymous said...

I feel embarrassed for the respondents to this blog entry. To be discriminatory is the shanda. I’m not gay, but I see them for what they are – people! It’s not my biz who they sleep with/date/love. Big F-ING deal. They’re not murdering and pillaging – just trying to live their lives in a way which feels right to them with a minimum of persecution. You’d think we as Jews would understand persecution and show compassion. And if judaism decries homosexuality, then I think that’s one more aspect of my faith that I must question. DON’T YOU???

Anonymous said...

I expect non-Orthodox communities are dwindling for the same reason many parts of the Christian Church are dwindling: by watering down the faith, the truth is stripped away from the practice. All that is left is a fuzzy feel-good theology and some empty rituals.

When you strip away the truth you strip away the power; you take G-d out of the equation and worship the system. Even worse, a bastardization of the holy system He has established. The focus is on the worshipper and how we feel, not G-d and His character.

Additionally, let us not confuse truly equal rights with special rights. What or who we want to have sex with is a petty triviality, not the basis for social and political revolution, like the civil rights movement of the 60s. It is shameful to even compare the gay rights agenda with the civil rights movement.

Ez 14:6-8