June 16, 2006

Jew Orleans

The New Orleans Holocaust Memorial stood unscathed in the wake of Katrina

Last week I spent Shavu'ot in New Orleans, immersed in a multicultural mélange of ceremony and activites. Not only did I celebrate life on Bourbon Street, New Orleans style, but I also participated as a groomsman to my good friend Christopher Argiropoulos in a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding.

Chris, beaming Greek Orthodox groom, and his loyal smirky Jewish groomsbot

The devastation caused by hurricane Katrina was evident and widespread, especially the further I got from the French Quarter. I did not take photos of abandoned neighborhoods, where dark waterlines on the exterior of houses exceeded 8 feet high, because that was not the point of the trip. It was the week of Shavu'ot, a celebration of a new harvest, and what better place to celebrate than in a city on the verge of complete renewal.

Lara, Jewish Robot, Marlon, and Chris ... all having Sex on the Beach!

With every dark hurricane cloud there is a silver lining. This "Lucky" fellow is a carpenter, and he's been busier than ever, rebuilding a fantastic city.


Anonymous said...

It is forbidden for Jewish robots to enter the sanctuary of the church, i.e. where the actual prayer services are held. Bad robot. And a big Shalom to Doree, Lilit, Clara and Helena.

Shabot 6000 said...

Anon, that is one paranoid interpretation of the law I could care less about.