May 17, 2006

Lager Ba'Omer

The Jewish Robot, Mobius, and Sarah Chandler at the Lager Ba'Omer party

Tuesday night I met up in midtwon with a few of the NYC folks who will be attending the ROI120 conference in Jerusalem this summer. Mutually unsure of how a downtown crowd ended up in midtown, together we all headed down to the Lager Ba'Omer party at The Park, where hundreds of Jewy Jews Jewed it up in celebration of Lag Ba'Omer.

The theme for the evening was Finding Your Bashert. Everyone received an "adjective sticker", and our goal was to find the only person of the opposite sex wearing a matching sticker, and share a drink together. My adjective, some would say appropriately, was IDEALISTIC. While I did manage to chat up a few gals, I never did find my Match. But I did help the two young adults who were wearing the CHASSIDIC stickers meet up, so I did feel like I accomplished something. I hope they will name their first child (a masculine child) after me.

Has Aryeh Goldsmith met his Lager Ba'Omer match?

Mobius dreams of finding his Lager Ba'Omer Bashert

Moree Doree


Anonymous said...

Doree honey I'd like to buy a vowel.

Anonymous said...

I never found supernatural, but I'm still wearing my sticker! Hey, where's our picture!