May 30, 2006


The (sweaty) Jewish Robot, Berger Boy, and Circus at Central Park

This Memorial Day weekend couldn't have been more perfect ... except for the part where I broke my right arm. And, yes, that's my cartooning arm!

It all started with an afternoon excursion to Central Park West, where my buddy Paul Berger treated me to a surprise schooling with a new friend, Gerry "Circus" Lynas, world renowned sand sculptor and freestyle Frisbee pro. Berger and I discovered freestyle Frisbee two years ago and have since made it our main summer pastime in Prospect Park. Getting a freestyle flying disc lesson from Circus, the fellow who practically invented the sport, was the treat of a lifetime!

In addition to freestyle, Circus also taught us some flying disc games, including my new favorite, Splitzo, in which two Frisbees of different diameters are layered one inside the other and tossed together. At the last second of flight, the discs split and fly in different directions, and the receiver must catch them both.

I love Splitzo! When it's the Frisbees splitting, not my bones.

And it was during a game of Splitzo in Prospect Park the next day that I split my radius bone while taking a hard dive for the catch. Upon witnessing my "proper" injury, as he called it, Berger--who was all too familiar with broken limbs from his youth--promptly instructed me to remove my shirt, before the swelling and pain set in which would make it difficult to disrobe for the doctor, (well, that's the excuse he used, anyway). It's a good thing he told me to do that, because a few minutes later I couldn't maneuver that forearm.

Me, Sofie, and Berger at New York Methodist Hospital ER triage. The wrist holding my new Freelancers Union HIP card is broken.

Paul and Sofie waited with me for more than an hour of registration, and then Paul stayed with me all the way to the end, allowing his inner photojournalist to get the best of him. The following photos were taken over a four hour period of mostly waiting in ER.

Robed and waiting

... and waiting

Ben Baruch Broke

The photo on the right shows the break through my radius bone in the forearm, near my right wrist. This makes it nearly impossible to use my Wacom stylus and digital tablet for cartooning. It also makes it impossible to type. This blog entry is entirely a left-handed job!

So, I am sorry to announce, new cartoons will be delayed for about two months.

Wrapping things up

Trying to sign an autograph for the doctor who happened to be a Shabot 6000 fan. Not really, it was just a release form.

I would like to thank the entire cast for making this blog entry difficult.


Zahara said...

i hope you get well soon.
helena lévy

Anonymous said...

That sucks hard! I hope you're on the mend in a jiffy!

Anonymous said...

You poor dear!!
Who's bringing the chicken soup? Do you have clean sheets? That BAD ground - it should be ashamed, breaking your wrist like that.
Seriously... I hope you feel better and that you're in good hands. uh, hands... hrm.
If you have an Amazon Wishlist, post it so that your well-wishers can send care packages!

SusQHB said...

well what the hell am i going to do with no shabot for 2 months! this is hell! feel good dude!

Anonymous said...

feel better man.

Esther Kustanowitz said...

Tough break. Sorry for your own experience of "Brokeben Baruch." Now mend, dammit, MEND!

Anonymous said...

Braking the radius is some sort of disc thing, right? I feel somewhat responsible because I forgot to give you the lesson on falling. Now it's time to learn to throw with the other arm. Good healing. It really wasn't humerus but the story was very moving.

Anonymous said...

helena whats your jdate # ?

JDateJoe said...

Sorry to hear about your wrist dude. I broke my wrist aswell by falling on my hand in a baseball glove, in the beginning of the summer when I was 12. The doctor chose to set my arm without anesthesia ... Oh the good ole days!

Rafael Sidi said...

get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Your cunning contributions to contemporary (Jewish) culture will certainly be missed. Heal well.

Rabbi Yonah said...

Refuah Shleima Baruch!

I hope that you have time for inspired learning this Shavuot!

Anonymous said...

wanted to see what you were up to... and this is the update that I get. Well feel better soon. robot lover (me)

Anonymous said...

More Chest Shots..Love the hairy pecs! He's Da Bomb

Anonymous said...

refuah shleimah!

I'm going to miss my Shabot fix :/
but as long as you are ok its cool.

Anonymous said...

i hope you get well. im 12 and i just broke my right arm at the growth plate