May 24, 2006

Carnies at the Carnival

"C'mon, give us a smile!" I said that a lot last night as I fulfilled my role as paparazzi in the Carnival of Style, presented by the 14th Street Y's Jewish Artists Workshop. This was probably the most unique and bizarre Jewish themed event I've been to so far, thanks to producer and Director of Arts, Alyssa Abrahamson. As hired paparazzi it was my duty to keep the camera flashing, and this resulted in my camera's battery dying before we even got to act two, which featured the most eclectic gathering of Jewish entertainers and fashion artists. One of the highlights of the evening was a live onstage piercing of a Kinky Jews dude's chest, into which long pins were jabbed and arranged so that a piece of blue yarn wrapped around them formed a star of David. More below.

Producer Alyssa Abrahamson in a quiet moment before the show

Carnies backstage preparing for the event

More carnies backstage

The Davenatrix and some hot carnie chick

I'm not sure who this carnie was, but he was walking around like a clown or a puppet or something. At least I hope he was a carnie and not some regular guy with unusual mannerisms who is going to have his feelings hurt when he reads this. Anyway, I dig his jacket.

Me and Shana from Punk Rope in our paparazzi debut. The look on her face is that of shock and disbelief when I told her I could jump rope ... without a rope.

Cardone the Magician and his dummy. From the looks on their faces, I'm not sure whose arm is up whose arse.

Random hot blonde I mistook for a carnie celeb. (I kid, Clara was actually my lovely date.)

Host and undisputed star of the show, Scotty the Blue Bunny

Baby as Accessory model family takes the stage. I thought the baby was actually going to be slung to the side like a handbag, but this was cute enough.

Bertha Markowicz's Size Queen is all about fat, fabulous, sexy clothes that show off all the curves. I believe the name comes from the fact that all the garments are fashioned from queen size bed sheets.

I don't know who this fit bird was, but she was called up on stage to stall for time during a technical glitch, and she rocked the house with her 3-minute rendition of Gone with the Wind. I also dig her CUNT ROCK REVOLUTION shirt.


Anonymous said...

I'm the fit bird! Thanks for calling me that! My name is Miss Amelia, I do any movie in 3-Minutes as a Showgirl, in Norman's Big Night Out, we are currently making our next new show, probaly to go up end of June. My band is The Countess and the C.U.N.T. Rock Revolution. Hope it didn't offend people! Thanks for the shout out!

Anonymous said...

Clara looks cute in the coat. But what was her caboose like? Did you hit that?

Shabot 6000 said...

Anon, I do not hit and tell.