January 25, 2006

We Need A Mensch!

I was pleasantly surprised when Frumster.com contacted me to produce a cartoon animation to celebrate their 500th wedding, considering my track record with irreverent Jewish humor, not to mention one or two comic strips they may have come across. Naturally, we toned down the edge for this one, kept it super sweet.

And, being the mensches that they are, Frumster.com also hooked me up with a Premium membership. They promised me that if I am not married within six months, they'll give me an extension :)

For your enjoyment, "We Need A Mensch!"

NB: I only did the animation for this production, Frumster handled the music and script.


Anonymous said...

Pretty kool

Anonymous said...

i wonder if anyone out there was offended by the kol isha thing. it was more of a rap isha in my book.

Abacaxi Mamao said...

I wasn't offended by the kol isha thing. I was offended by the gender stereotypes (woman cooks, man cleans, man pays bills, woman spends lots of money on clothing). Maybe it was supposed to be funny or tongue in cheek or something, but I didn't think it really hit the mark if that was it's goal. (Note: I fully blame Frumster for this one, not the artist.)

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwww. if you are offended by typical gender roles then that's your issue. don't expect others to tiptoe around to save your feelings, especially in a cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Awesoma Powa!

The only thing you offended was my funny bone.